Dec. 21, 2020

Austin Arthouse Film Festival

Austin Arthouse Film Festival

Check out this BONUS episode featuring Giselle Marie Muñoz and Elizabeth Tabish, cofounders of the Austin Arthouse Film Festival.

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We're bad at hiatuses. What can we say? 

But we're super excited to feature Giselle and Elizabeth on the podcast talking about the Austin Arthouse Film Festival which takes place THIS WEEK. Grab your tickets here. 

Spend an evening at AFS viewing work from filmmakers who "defy conventions, champion art and challenge audience expectations." Some 60 films ranging from short, mid-length and feature length will be available on Vimeo Dec. 26 through Dec. 31. Documentaries, narrative features and animations are presented. Every film will begin with a short introduction by the filmmaker.

A festival pass is $25 and can be purchased at

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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