Aug. 30, 2021

Live Episode Taping with Jeeyoon Kim

Live Episode Taping with Jeeyoon Kim

We are hosting another live episode taping of Spot Lyte On..., via Zoom, on Thursday, September 9th at 3 PM Pacific.

Our guest this time will be Jeeyoon Kim, award-winning classical pianist, podcast host and author of Whenever You're Ready, which is out now from Greenleaf Books.

Jeeyoon Kim is a professional concert pianist who has performed in venues like Carnegie Hall, the Chamber Music Society in San Francisco, and the Stradivari Society in Chicago. As an accomplished performing artist and award-winning music educator, she credits her success to key disciplines, practices, and mindsets that she lives out every day. In Whenever You’re Ready, she gives readers a personal glimpse into her life, shares wisdom and insights she’s gained from her experiences, and shows people how to achieve their own personal and professional success.

Join us. RSVP here for all of the details you need.