July 28, 2022

LP Speaks

Spotlight On host Lawrence Peryer has been making the interview rounds for the last few months in his day job as an executive at live events e-commerce company, Lyte, and as producer of Bowie 75, a retail experience celebrating 75 years of David Bowie, with locations in New York City and London. 

If you would like to learn more about the state of the concert and live entertainment business, including thoughts on ticketing, how the pandemic, economic, political and environmental security will impact the business, have a listen to some of these:

Music Alley Podcast, July 26, 2022 "Buying show tickets is still an imperfect and sometimes frustrating – not to mention expensive – experience. You’ll have certainly felt the pang of annoyance as tickets you want are snapped up by bots, and then sold on the secondary market for inflated prices. So what does a better ticketing system look like? We welcome Chief Strategy Officer of “post primary” ticketing platform Lyte, Lawrence Peryer, to discuss dynamic ticket pricing, the concept of fairness in ticketing, and the price point at which tickets are sold. We ask him about selling "real tickets at fair prices", what this means, and what the future of ticketing could be."

Beatseeker Podcast, May 24, 2022 "It’s no secret that concert ticketing is a mess. Service fees are sky high, sophisticated bots scoop the best seats and resale prices on secondary markets are too high for many fans. While the problem is widespread - help may be on the way. A promising startup called Lyte is creating solutions to level the playing field and ease the burden on fans’ pocketbooks. Helping us dig into the issue is Lawrence Peryer. Lawrence is the Chief Strategy Officer at Lyte, a reservations technology platform that has reimagined event ticketing for artists, venues and fans."

Spot Lyte On, March 17, 2022 "One hundred episodes of Spot Lyte On…! To mark this milestone, the tables get turned — host Lawrence Peryer becomes the interviewee as his old friend David Marcus grills him on his history, his first musical loves, how he stumbled into the business, thoughts on failure and leadership, and what it's like to work with his rock n' roll heroes."

Feedback on SiriusXM Volume, Channel 106 "Interview by Feedback hosts Nik Carter and Lori Majewski, October 27, 2021 talking about LP's role in producing Bowie 75."

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