Sept. 12, 2022

Spotlight On: The Music playlist - Season Three update

Throughout the severn seasons (so far) of Spotlight On, we have featured music by, about, related to and loved by our guests. The playlist project to highlighting that music continues. With this update, we focus on tracks related to Season Three

20. Now I've Got a Witness by The Rolling Stones, from our talk with Ronnie Schneider about his days on the road managing tour finances for the Stones, standardizing modern artist tour economics with their 1969 tour, working for ABKCO, and the Altamont concert.

21. So What by Miles Davis from our episode with journalist, Alan Goldfarb. Alan discussed growing up in Brooklyn and the impact that sports writers he read as a kid had on his career.

22. 99 Year Blues by Jorma Kaukonen.

23. Water Song by Jorma Kaukonen. Two tracks by and featured in our conversation with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and co-founder of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, Jorma Kaukonen. One of our most listened to episodes.  

24. Shapeshifting by Joe Satriani. Another "most played" episode, Joe talked about growing up in Long Island, moving to San Francisco, getting breaks with Mick Jagger and launching a solo career. 

25. Buck Creek Girls by Nora Brown, from our episode with music-tech entrepreneur, Phil Messier

26. Coffee by Sylvan Esso, featured in another episode with a company founder, this time Ethan Clift of Tonic Audio Labs. 

27. Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest ran in our episode with poet and cultural critic Hanif Abdurraqib. Hanif hosted a season of KCRW's Lost Notes, a  collection of the greatest music stories never told. His season explores a single year: 1980 - the brilliant, awkward and sometimes heartbreaking opening to a monumental decade in popular music. 

Enjoy the playlist here.