Aug. 9, 2022

Spotlight On: The Music playlist - Season Two update

The playlist project we began last month, to feature music that has been part of the podcast, continues. With this update, we focus on tracks related to Season Two

Here goes:

9. with you/for you by Prateek Kuhad, the singer-songwriter and musician managed by Season Two guest, Nicole Barsalona, Founder of 525 Entertainment Group / Everyday Rebellion Entertainment, an artist management and consulting firm

10.  Fort Knox by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, the intro track for our episode with Emily White whose career spans the entertainment industry, carving out a unique path that defines a modern maven. She talks about her new book "How to Build a Sustainable Music Career & Collect All Revenue Streams", artists + athletes she manages, and #iVoted Concerts, an initiative where venues reward voters with free concerts

11. Robbers by the 1975, taken from our episode with Olympic swimmer, Kaitlin Sandeno 

12. American Dream by Elephant Stone, whose leader was Season Two guest, Rishi Dhir

13. This is Radio Clash by the Clash, from our episode with our current post-production maestro, Michael Donaldson, about his newsletter Ringo Dreams of Lawncare, his 8 Sided Blog, the virality of independent music pre-internet, Kraftwerk, Tony Allen, the Clash, and finding your scene.

14. Endgame by R.E.M. from our episode with Nicole d'Avis

15. Home is Where the Hatred Is but Gil Scott-Heron from our episode with digital music pioneer, Matt Adell

16. Fascination Street by the Cure, from our episode with Kirt Deique, CEO and CTO of SyncFloor

17. Morning Mr Magpie by Radiohead from our episode with Karen Allen, author of "Twitch for Musicians"

18. Satin Doll by Duke Ellington for our guest, longtime Bay Area music promoter, Danny Scher

19. Time is On My Side but the Andrew Oldham Orchestra, for, who else? Andrew Loog Oldham - who managed and produced the Rolling Stones until 1967, started Immediate Records, and then went out to lunch for many years. Luckily he's back in time for tea...

Find the playlist here.