July 18, 2022

Spotlight On: The Music playlist!

Music, of course, plays an important role in our podcast. A lot of the time we are about music - and our guests include musicians, business people, technologists and other people who make their lives in and around music. 

But even when our guests walk other paths personally, creatively and professionally, music is often a big part of who they are.

This new playlist features much of the music that has been part of the podcast so far: our theme music, the music of our guests, and songs they asked us to feature alongside our conversations. It is a work in progress. We are starting with the tracks associated with Season One

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  1. Little Rock, by Sonny Sharrock, from the album Ask the Ages, our first theme music
  2. Little Lion Man, by Mumford & Sons, which is, of course the band our very first guest, Ben Lovett, co-founded
  3. The Best of Me, by The Starting Line. A pop-punk anthem co-written by our second guest, Matt Watts
  4. When the full reality of COVID hit, we launched a series within the podcast called, 'The New Normal'. These episodes focused specifically on the way the pandemic was impacted our guests' business and creative pursuits. We differentiated these episodes with their own theme, The Lonely Surfer, by Jack Nitzsche
  5. Touch of Grey, by the Grateful Dead, from their surprise-hit album, In The Dark, was the theme song chosen by David Marsh, former Olympic swimming head coach
  6. Summer's End, but John Prine, was the track chosen by our guest Mike Armstrong, from ReedPOP, when he visited us to talk about how the pandemic was creating challenges and opportunities in the fan convention space
  7. Summer Fun by the Barracudas features our guest Nick Turner on drums, a couple of decades before he appeared for our conversation (and before his turn as drummer with goth new wave icons, Lords of the New Church)
  8. Cherub Rock by the Smashing Pumpkins, from Siamese Dream, intro'ed our episode with early Lyte employee and published author, Alexandra Naughton

One down and six more seasons of tunes to go. We will flesh out the playlist in the coming weeks. Enjoy.