May 4, 2023

Dominic Miller

Dominic Miller

The ECM Records artist and Sting's longtime guitarist takes a seat in the Spotlight.

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Today, the Spotlight shines On guitarist Dominic Miller, a musician unique in his ability to fit in and contribute as a sideman, but also to step up as a band leader.

Dominic may be best known as guitarist — and in his own words, “Lieutenant” — for Sting, a position he has filled for over 30 years, but he has been creating his own diverse body of work for many decades as well. 

Dominic joined Spotlight On to talk about his latest release on ECM Records, Vagabond, an instrumental album rich in narrative — and subtle taste. In addition to exploring the new album, we also get great insight into how Dominic’s work as a solo artist and session musician contributes to his work with Sting and more about his aspirations and aims as an artist.





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Dominic MillerProfile Photo

Dominic Miller


Born in Argentina to an American father and Irish mother, Dominic Miller was raised in the U.S. from age 10 and then educated there and in England. The guitarist’s international mindset has only been deepened through decades touring the globe, working with the likes of Paul Simon, The Chieftains, Plácido Domingo and, most often, Sting. Miller has long been known as the latter’s right-hand man on guitar – and co-writer of “Shape of My Heart,” among others. “I’ve been influenced by Sting’s lateral sense of harmony and how he forms songs,” the guitarist says. “I try to do the same by creating a narrative with instrumental music, which I treat and arrange as songs, with verses, choruses, bridges. I’ve absorbed a lot from him about concept and arrangement, as well concision in telling a story.”

With Vagabond, Swedish pianist Jacob Karlzon makes his ECM debut. He has performed alongside the likes of Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone and Billy Cobham, though his main current musical outlet is his piano trio with bassist Morten Ramsbøl and drummer Rasmus Kihlberg, with which he has released two studio albums.

Over the past two decades Ziv Rvitz has established himself as one of the most prominent jazz drummers of his generation, performing and recording alongside Shai Maestro, Oded Tzur and most recently Lionel Loueke. He has appeared on ECM as part of Avisahi Cohen’s groups on Big Vicious and Naked Truth.

A much sought-after jazz bassist who initially studied jazz guitar under Philippe Catherine, Nicolas Fiszman has played with everyone from Sting and Charles Aznavour Alphonse Mouzon and Angélique Kidjo. Since 2005 he has been a fixture in Dominic Miller’s groups.