May 11, 2023


This talented South African keyboardist and emcee talks about the unique blend of hip-hop, jazz, and soul found in his fantastic album Love Is Energy.

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Today, the Spotlight shines On South African record producer, emcee, and keyboardist EMAMKAY.

EMAMKAY visited us to talk about his new album, Love Is Energy, released back in March. As he explains in our talk, the music was crafted from jam sessions and band rehearsals that le later revisited and mined for inspiration. The resulting album is finely crafted but surprisingly organic.

EMAMKAY’s music blends the best of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop into a unique sound all his own. He’s a unique person, too, and I think that comes across in our time together.







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Keyboardist / Producer / Emcee

EMAMKAY is a South African record producer, emcee and keyboardist raised between Johannesburg Soweto and Pretoria. His dense sound is often likened to Lo-Fi with jazz overtones and a touch of hip hop. In 2018, EMAMKAY held a beat production lecture at J&B Hive, teaching the fundamentals of harmony and instrumental programing. He also completed a Fundamental Sound Technology certificate at the Academy of Sound Engineering (ASE) NQF 6 and was enrolled at UNISA for an accredited Music Theory Program.