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The five musicians of Conic Rose come from the most diverse musical backgrounds: their other projects include names such as arena-filling German pop stars Clueso or Samy Deluxe but also Jazz legends such as Michael Wollny or Maria Joao. What connects them is their love to explore, create, redefine and effortlessly move between abstraction and accessibility, high quality sound and the beauty of the imperfect – interweaving electronic elements, cinematic jazz, vibey soundscapes and hints of art rock with eclectic, zeitgeisty influences.Their releases so far as well as the few shows they played on the back of their debut EP (2020) exceeded all expectations, attracting the attention of industry professionals all the way from the UK or USA. Now, they are ready to release their highly awaited debut album in February 2023.

Feb. 16, 2023

Conic Rose

Today, the spotlight shines on the German electronic jazz collective Conic Rose. Their new, self-released debut album Heller Tag (or, Bright Day , in English), is out tomorrow, February 17, worldwide. Members of the group who...

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