March 23, 2023

Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias

Jane Ira Bloom & Mark Helias
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Today, the Spotlight shines On New York-based jazz innovators Jane Ira Bloom and Mark Helias, who join us to discuss their latest collaboration with drummer Bobby Previte, 2.3.23.


I’d like to read from Mark’s notes for the album, “2.3.23 was an outgrowth of the improvisational recording project that emerged between myself and Jane Ira Bloom beginning at an early stage of the pandemic in April/May of 2020. We struggled to come to terms with the technological limitations of playing remotely over the internet. The initial motivation was to play music with another musician, something that we had become accustomed to and took for granted until the pandemic arose. As we became adept at the advances in software and the tamping down of the inherent latency of remote recording we managed to produce two wonderful collections of spontaneous duos that documented our shared need for human and musical connection in a trying time…At one point I sent a duo track of myself and Jane to Bobby Previte to see if he might want to add drums and percussion to the track. It was just a thought on my part but the result was stunning. Bobby was able to interact so deftly with our improvised duo that I felt that we were now venturing into new territory conceptually that brought into question many suppositions about improvisation, interaction and issues of time and being…”


These recordings completely challenge any preconceived notions the listener might have about any “right way” to collaborate or create improvisational music. To paraphrase Elvis Costello, talking about these recordings is like dancing about architecture, but we gave it a go and an enlightening and intriguing conversation was the result.



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Jane Ira Bloom and Mark Helias

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