May 11, 2021

Kieron Maughan

Kieron Maughan

Kieron Maughan of Rockstar Cars stops by to talk about the cars of Keith Richards, John Bonham, Nick Mason, Peter Frampton, Andrew Loog Oldham, and many others.

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Kieron Maughan started Rockstars Cars over 10 years ago out of his love of rock n' roll and cars. He's currently working on a tv show but in the meantime you can see many of the interviews on the site and on Youtube. 

So far his team has amassed:

  •  30,000 photos, both Private and public telling the stories of the cars that rockers purchased and drove. 
  • The Rockstarscars Database of known cars is currently over 1500, and growing daily
  • There is a considerable Video archive, both B& W and Colour
  • They have been given access to manufactures archives, including Ferrari UK

Interact with Rockstars Cars on Twitter| Facebook | Instagramand check out their art work collection

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