Sept. 8, 2020

Lyte,,, Antone's and Disco Donnie

Lyte,,, Antone's and Disco Donnie hosted a panel featuring folks from Lyte,, promoter Disco Donnie and legendary music venue Antone's discussing how the live music community is being supported by tech coming our out COVID.

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Listen into this panel that took place September 2nd that featured 3 music tech companies, a promoter and a venue. Juan Torres moderated this panel. He's the VP of Business Operations at Prism a company that is revolutionizing how live music events are managed. 

Here are the panelists: 

  • Matt Ford is CEO of
  • Mallory Ferro is currently serving as the GM of the historic Antone's Nightclub in Austin, TX. 
  • Megan Lazaroff is a jack-of-all-trades working on Disco Donnie Presents' talent buying team and also with B&W Productions
  • Greg Patterson is the Chief Strategy Officer at a company that gives artists the ability to ticket, schedule and produce livestreams, 100% commission free. 
  • Lawrence Peryer is the Chief Revenue Officer at Lyte and host of this podcast that you're listening to. 

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