April 14, 2022



MANE joins LP to talk about the band's experience at SXSW 2022 and more.

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In a time when the entire world is more starved of human connectivity than maybe anytime in history, Australian artist MANE has penned perfect, booming, beautiful anthems that celebrates the people that mean the most to us and the love that those relationships represent. 

Her breakout hit ‘Chasing Butterflies’ clocked up over 2 million streams and MANE's debut EP ‘Coping Mechanisms’ released by Dew Process/UMG Australia features lush, baroque pop production, MANE’s soaring vocals and dark, furious energy that serves to only intensify the lyrics she sings and has proven there is so much more to come. 

Having found national support in Australia via triple j radio and Spotify, as well as performing at festivals like Groovin’ The Moo and Spin Off alongside the likes of The Wombats, Meg Mac and Jungle Giants, MANE’s explosive indie pop and reputation continues to grow as one of the most exciting new talents in Australian music. Self-taught and inspired by the likes of Florence and the Machine, Hayley Williams, St Vincent, Lorde, MANE has spent the last few years transforming the music she makes from a pastime that brought herself pleasure, into a career that brings strength and solidarity.

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