April 13, 2023

Monika Herzig

Monika Herzig
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Today, the Spotlight shines On Monika Herzig, whose career as a jazz pianist and composer spans three decades and dozens of releases. Monika joins us to talk about the release of a reimagined set of Joni Mitchell’s music, which she arranged and features vocals interpreted by her late friend, award-winning vocalist Janiece Jaffe.


To quote from the liner notes: “This album is, first and foremost, about relationships: between Janiece and Monika; between the stretch of time that gave rise to Joni’s songs and the ones we’re living through now; and, most of all, between Janiece and these lyrics.”


Visit bothsidesofjoni.com for more about this fearless and inventive album and then enjoy host Lawrence Peryer’s talk with Monika Herzig.


About Monika Herzig, Janiece Jaffe and Both Sides of Joni

Host Lawrence Peryer

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Monika Herzig

Both Sides of Joni