Oct. 27, 2020

Phil Messier - Bopper

Phil Messier - Bopper

Phil Messier, founder of Bopper, joins LP to discuss the formation of his company, talking Montreal and their jazz roots.

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For almost two decades, Phil built a thriving career at the crossroads of music and media. As the co-founder of Apollo Studios, a globally-recognized music production house boasting an all-star team of composers, producers, and engineers, he was involved in every aspect of the work, earning recognition at the Cannes Lions, CLIO Awards, New York Festivals, London International Awards, and numerous other festivals. 

In 2013, Phil led a team of software developers and music supervisors in the creation of Bopper, a ground-breaking online music platform that connects brands with artists with around the world. Since then, Bopper has grown to offer music from some of the best global artists -- Little Richard, Willie Nelson, Natalie Cole, Talisco, and countless others, cleared in advance and ready to be used on brand content.

Interact with Phil ( LinkedIn ) and learn more about Bopper: LinkedIn | Instagram

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