March 2, 2023


Today, the Spotlight shines On rising electro soul artist, Nick Locke, who performs under the name Phyphr.  A songwriter and producer, Phyphr combines his own live guitar playing with electronic elements to create a unique,  vibrant twist on electronic funk, soul and blues. 


Phypht and host Lawrence Peryer had a great time connecting which hopefully comes across in this recording. 


About Phyphr and his music

Host Lawrence Peryer

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Nick LockeProfile Photo

Nick Locke


Phyphr is making waves with his electro-soul stylings and funky, electronic songwriting. Blending live guitar playing with electronic production, Phyphr’s vibrant mix of instrumentation and original vocals have earned him the opportunity to perform alongside acts like The Floozies, Daily Bread, Manic Focus, SoDown and Maddy O’Neal, among others.

Hailing from the east coast and now a Denver local, Phyphr embodies the Mile High City’s electronic sound. He has garnered recent festival plays at Summer Camp, Kosmic Kingdom, Hulaween, Gem & Jam, Dreamscape and Sonic Bloom. He’s also a staple name on Riverbeats Dance, who’s fans nominated the producer for Breakout Artist of the Year in 2020.

Now, the dynamic maestro is revving up toward his debut album, Catalyst - a genre-hopping, full-length LP that’s brimming with raucous beats, textural grooves, and indelible hooks, featuring collaborations with acts such as Manic Focus, Jason Leech, Kanika Moore of Doom Flamingo, and Kaptain.