Feb. 2, 2021

Spot Lyte On...Tyler Pinckard - Coffee Shift

Spot Lyte On...Tyler Pinckard - Coffee Shift

Tyler joins LP to talk about Coffee Shift, a Silicon Valley start up that is focused on applying technology to shift the balance of power from corporations, back to the growers.

Tyler talks about his love of coffee, military experience, roles in engineering which eventually lead him to start Coffee Shift. Coffee Shift is a coffee company doing it differently. Coffee Shift is co-owned by the participating growers and was created to share greater benefit with the very farmers who produce our coffee, coffee that is fairer than fair trade.

With corporate presence in both Silicon Valley and Chinchina, Colombia, Coffee Shift is not only sourcing and importing the finest small batch grower-sourced coffee but also developing technology to allow individual coffee growers to sell direct to consumers with the supporting supply chain to make that a reality.

You can see a documentary about the Coffee Shift story here. And you can order one of their Connoisseur Kits to get a sampler of their coffee here.  

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