Feb. 2, 2023

The Latest in Music and Tech

Today, the spotlight shines on two companies doing interesting work at the crossroads of music and technology. 


In our first segment, we talk to Adam Hasslert, CEO of online digital audio workstation and beatmaking platform Soundation. Every month, Soundation’s online music studio is used by over 100,000 creatives who produce music directly in their web browsers. Focusing on building the next-generation music software for upcoming music producers with professional ambitions, Soundation offers a collaborative workstation, a vibrant online community, and many learning tools. The company's mission is to facilitate musical creativity around the world.


Next up we have Max Goldberg and Steven Segel of Hotdrop, a new app that  addresses the current generational shift underway in music discovery and consumption. 30-second snippets enable rapid discovery, are easily shared with other music superfans, yielding high virality for emerging artists. Hotdrop enables exactly this.


Whether you create, promote or enjoy new music, today’s episode has something that should appeal to you.


Host Lawrence Peryer

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Max GoldbergProfile Photo

Max Goldberg

Co-Founder & CEO

Max is a 21-year-old entrepreneur and self-taught app developer. After learning Apple’s Swift programming language in the 7th grade, he went on to sell his first app venture in high school (10th grade) and has amassed 150K+ downloads across 140 countries on the App Store.

Die-hard Boston sports fan and Shark Tank, Silicon Valley, and Succession-addict. He likes to go fishing, try new restaurants, and spend time with family & friends.

Steven Segel

Co-Founder & COO

Steven is a 21-year-old entrepreneur and businessman. At the age of 12, Steven sparked his entrepreneurial journey by buying/selling rare sneakers and streetwear in Boston. Since watching the explosive impact of popular apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Yik Yak in middle school, he has focused his entrepreneurial efforts on building Gen-Z community-based platforms.

Most recently, he worked as a Summer Analyst for BMO Capital Markets, serving as a Financial and M&A advisor to technology companies in the application software space.

Steven enjoys watching Boston sports, spending time with family and friends, and exploring new places.

Adam HasslertProfile Photo

Adam Hasslert


Adam Hasslert is a product-focused entrepreneur and the CEO of Soundation with extensive tech and business experience, previously as co-founder and CEO of the digital fundraising platform Funder and before that as Head of Marketing at the mobile payment service WyWallet. Adam has also been a DJ and a member of several bands over the years. Adam is leading Soundation on its mission “to facilitate musical creativity around the world,” combining his passion for music and background in technical innovation.